Friday, October 1, 2010

Give a Gift of Love by Shop Like A Celebrity!

So, you might be wondering,
What is this site all about?
This site is randomly created by us for everyone.
'Give a Gift of Love' is aimed to help others; more specifically, the needy.

This idea is formed today when we were browsing through newspapers and we noticed a few ads asking for donations (we don't exactly know if they are called ads, or whatsoever, so please forgive us for the mistake). Donations like needing funds for operations, funds for a new home, and more.

First, if you think, "I have enough problems in my life. Why must I help them when I already can't solve mine?" Think again. Life is the most precious gift God has given to us. We should be thankful enough to be able to eat, breathe, talk, hear, walk, and all that.
Unfortunately, millions of people in this world suffer from many circumstances.
Being broke from all that shopping is NOT one of them.
Circumstances like not being able to talk, walk, mental problems, defects in any part of the body, not having a proper home nor proper clothes, not given proper education and more.

We are pretty sure you guys have a home, a family, friends, food,clothes and good education.
So we hope you would join us in helping the needy.
And we don't mean donating your entire savings whatsoever.
Starting small helps.
Besides, doesn't helping people and being nice brighten up your day?
It will definitely bring joy to the ones you have helped and yourself too.

So how do you help?
Just browse through our blog to know how. :)
We will be updating whenever we can with articles regarding the people who need help, how to help them and where to help them.
We would loves it if you could send us an email any time regarding someone who needs help (make sure you give us the source or a photo attached of the person and the reasons why they need help)
For example, if a neighbour you know needs medical help, email us with this :
Name (of neighbour) :
Help (the problem) : Needs money for cancer operation
Photo (of neighbour or medical cert, etc) :
Amount needed for operation : RM500000
How to help : By banking in the amount to this Maybank account
Contact number (of you and your neighbour's) :
Address (for sending money) :
IC Number and Passport (of neighbour's/yours') :
Also, do give us the reasons as to why your neighbour could not pay for the operation fees, etc.
Please be honest. This is a matter of life and death.
Those who are found cheating us/our readers will be reported to the police.

You can also send in to us a "help" email if your pet is missing (with photo of animal attached), if you could not afford to pay for your education fees, if an old folks' home near your place needs volunteers, and more.

Our job is to post up articles regarding what we saw/what you emailed us and all ; or so to say, spread the news to you guys and you can help by donating/helping out.

Remember, a little goes a long way.
Let's co-operate in giving the gift of love to others by helping the needy. :)

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